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Originally Posted by FL Pepper View Post
The signal wire allows you to monitor a voltage other than your power source. In my case I am just monitoring my battery voltage so the +power and signal are shorted together.
Ummmm.... Not quite.
The signal wire allows the display to shut down when the ignition is turned off, therefore eliminating any battery drain when the bike is not running.
It is basically like having a built-in relay circuit for the display to shut the unit down when the bike is turned off.
Yes, the drain will be minimal if you just wire it to stay on all the time, but it IS a nice feature to have added in.

Not having lights/digits glowing on your bike will also make it stand out less when it is parked at night; which can have its own advantages at times...


I didn't realize how short the wires were going to be on the V/M.
Personally, it would be very nice if the unit could be supplied with 3-foot wires so that it could be connected to the battery terminals without having to splice extra wire in.

Every splice is another potential place for failure in the future...

How much extra would it cost to have the manufacturer add an extra 2-3 feet of wire to the units???
The incremental cost couldn't be all that much.

As it is, I will probably run the included wire into the headlight shell so that the splices are protected from the elements, and then run the connecting wires to the battery and a switched circuit from there.


I have yet to see how viewable the digits will be in direct sunlight, but my initial impression is that it is a nice compact unit and not too bright for wrecking night vision.

Still have not decided between velcro or permanent adhesive mounting.
The ability to add a zip tie or two would be a nice feature as well.
Hint, hint...
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