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My GF has now bought herself one of these. A 2001 with 1000 miles on it for $900. She is about 5'2 - the bike fits her great. This is her first bike. I am stoked that she is not scared of it at all. She is happy just standing beside it and being able to push it out of a parking stall.

I am already thinking about which bike could possibly be her next step up. I can't think of any bigger cc bikes with such a small chassis. Is there one? Anybody know how much a CRF230 can be lowered? (Or XT225/Sherpa/etc. She is partial to red though. )

On another note, I found that these little things had some cool big brothers in the 70's. They were called "Bighorn." 250 and 350 cc 2 strokes.

Now I have 'new bike fever' too. And I lack a Husky in my garage...
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