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great turnout

1st off, thanks Russ for a great ride. All in all, I ended up with about 100 miles of gravel and connector roads.

I didn't take as many pics this time, mostly just at the stops, but here are some:

Mills River campground at 10am (I was fashionable late - but at least I was not last ). 12 bikes total.

"collecting" after the first road

some stopped a few hundred feet earlier

Horseshoe Rock:

Wolf Mountain Road (my new favorite road in this area)

on the new Tiger


a bit later Joe's bike decided to disintegrate: first his exhaust fell off, then he lost his kickstand spring

since he shouldn't be caught in the woods without a spark arrestor, we suggested to him to take the parkway home (he'd fit in just fine with the Harleys )

well, one mile down the road we caught up with them: flat tire (sorry - I should not laugh)

we left a tube and pump behind and carried on

the last "survivors" (people dropped out at various stages)

To bad the road I found was voted down as "we would get the bikes impounded"
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