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Originally Posted by jwhampton1 View Post
-I hate to say this folks, but its probably not the greatest thing that Carmen showed me how to navigate this site, because now I can spoil more than just the rides she tells me about.
-That said, I want to say thank you to everyone who rode today, as I learned quite a bit about the finer points of dual sporting. For instance- Jonathan, or lgajonnymac (I think that is your screen name)- hence forth, I will always carry zip ties! Silke (cuttle)- I know who to look to for some great photos, and awesome roadside assistance!
-As far as the rest of you are concerned, bring your earplugs, and we will see you on the trails!
-Any advice anyone can offer on what I should replace the exhaust with would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again!
You made it home!

I hope it didn't take you too long to fix the flat. As far as exhaust options goes, check out the thumper tech area (there's a lot ie too much info to go through).
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