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So I tried the long Helllloooo sound to initiate the VOX, and it works better than a yell or growl. I took my son for a ride two up and we played with the intercom & VOX, and found that once the VOX started working it got better (learning software?). After a few miles down the road my son would start singing and turn the intercom on. He kept breaking up my music (maybe it learned too good).

I pretty much only touch two buttons now. Once the volume is set, I only touch the call button and touch & hold the "A" button if the A2DP drops & does not restore after ending the call.

I know I can hold the volume up & down buttons to advance or back up the song list that is playing, but I pretty much leave it to shuffle.

Simplyred, I like that you are trying to figure this out rather than simply quitting on it. You have a passion that sometimes reads like a rant, when reading it the third or forth time, but you will figure the system out and drag us along for the enlightenment.
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