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Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post
I figure if my bike uses less engine oil, it is running better, Ono. I also think ...
One thing I've learned over the years - if ya think yer bike's running better, then it is!

Hey Spud

I'm sure my bike's engine runs just fine without the oil separator in place, has for years, and I'd venture to guess that a host of many others run top-notch without the oil separators also. If careful measurements were made, it would be a surprise to me if the oil consumption via mist approaches that which gets by the valve seals and rings. In your situation, I believe I would better make the argument by declaring to be concerned about the additional oil mist contacting the relocated components in the airbox. Hiding behind the idea that the Honda engineers know, and you don't, may be good logic in itself, and certainly a safe presumption, but it doesn't bring any new light to the discussion.

It's no mystery what the oil separator does or why the engineers employed it. The function of the oil separator is clear: to allow oil mist suspened in the crankcase venting air a space to slow down and condense out on the walls, from which it can then flow back by gravity into the engine's crankcase. Minute quantities of oil in the combustion chamber won't make the engine lose power, and might even help with long-term wear, but it can cause the exhaust emissions to exceed the federal mandates and disqualify the bike from being street legal in the USA. (think 2-stroke cycle) HTH

Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post
...I think they are employing some kind of shield to hide its location. ...
Your mission, should you accept, is to track down that shield and de-activate it! Rumor has it that Galt's Gulch is within the Idaho mountains
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