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Originally Posted by 340hp View Post
So I tried the long Helllloooo sound to initiate the VOX, and it works better than a yell or growl. I took my son for a ride two up and we played with the intercom & VOX, and found that once the VOX started working it got better (learning software?). After a few miles down the road my son would start singing and turn the intercom on. He kept breaking up my music (maybe it learned too good).

I pretty much only touch two buttons now. Once the volume is set, I only touch the call button and touch & hold the "A" button if the A2DP drops & does not restore after ending the call.

I know I can hold the volume up & down buttons to advance or back up the song list that is playing, but I pretty much leave it to shuffle.

Simplyred, I like that you are trying to figure this out rather than simply quitting on it. You have a passion that sometimes reads like a rant, when reading it the third or forth time, but you will figure the system out and drag us along for the enlightenment.
Thanks for chiming in with your findings. I don't get to do to much 2 up riding so that's encouraging to hear. My daughter and wife are about fed up with it. (Pretty much figured out all my other issues are with the phone NOT the Scala).
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