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Leaving Friday night for a race in Central Village Ct. so I have to hussle and get this 89 CR 125 back together, I had to order a new piston direct from Wiesco and have it overnighted so I can put it back together and I can't do anything Wed night because of a family comitment so Thursday will be busy....

I was able to clean up the cylinder by hand with emery cloth and then gave it a stone hone by hand, looks ok....

The case where the powervalve linkage comes out of was broken before this happened and was just siliconed up. I built a form out of plastic and then wrapped it in celophane and then poured JB weld into the form. I'll let it dry overnight than file the top flat, this is a no pressure joint so if anything it might "weep" a little oil but should be better than the silicone only.
Sorry for the bad pics....

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