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Originally Posted by fridgyis View Post
I bought a G-4 powerset to use on a cross country ride this summer. The install was a little difficult on my Arai xd. The speakers need to be almost right in your ear. I needed to place some xtra foam in place to get it right.
On our first shake down ride with these we had no success getting my phone to work.(I-Phone 4) As well the voice command is pretty much usless as it does not get it right ...ever. Then after the first hour the left speaker crapped out and did not come back. The unit had to be shipped back for repair. Needless to say I am not impressed. Now it looks like we may have to leave without them as the turnaround is over two weeks for the repair. I phoned the customer service and tried to get a replacement and had no luck.

It looks like others have had better luck than I have so I am going to give it some time but right now I am choked!!
Yeah, I can understand that feeling of frustration. Customer Support nowadays does not seem to go "the extra mile" anymore. And that goes (as far as I am concerned) almost for ANY company. I would not know for what company NOT to tell you the truth.
So here is my rather similar story with a navigation device. So I bought a wide screen TomTom only to see it crash down and not restart after only a few weeks. But I had a vacation planned another 4 weeks from there!
So I contacted Support, and send the defect unit back right away, expecting with 4 more weeks to come it would be back (or replaced) in time. NOT. Weeks went by and no TomTom came in. So I contacted Support and told them that in one more week I had a holiday planned and would like to use the navigation! They could not care less...... of course saying what a pitty it was, and they could not help it. Why not? They have A WHOLE FACTORY THAT PRODUCES THE CR@P for crying out loud!?!

So no avail from them. Next, I ordered a refurbished device from their outlet webstore, (it came the next day !!!) took it with me on vacation and sold it to someone losing nothing on the price I payd myself when I came back.

Another week later, the replaced device arrived.....

Customer Service with a Big C is becoming rather rare!
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