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I'm surprised Customer support was like that. I don't know how many times you have talked to them, but you may try back with another rep. My wife and I bought our Scala Q2's right before a week long honey moon trip in April 09. We got them in a couple days before we were leaving, tested them out, they worked everything was good.

The day we were leaving, I couldn't get my wife's Q2 to turn on. I called them several times during the day and did a bit of trouble shooting when I could, but no luck. That evening I talked to a very nice rep and explained we had just bought them for this trip, and one unit wasn't working and I was not happy. He offered to Next Day Air just the unit part that wouldn't turn on and would have an RMA in the box for me. We ended up finding a UPS store we knew we would go by the next day and picked up the unit, synced them up and they worked. Their response was top notch.

2 days later, I started having trouble with the speakers on mine. They would cut in and out and I couldn't hear very well all the time. Called them back and got the same guy. You could imagine how frustrated I was getting at this point that we are 3 days into a trip with their Q2's and two different issues. Worked some more trouble shooting and it turned out to be an intermittent issue. He shipped out a new base unit I think just 2 days since we had a relatives house we would be visiting, but told me to wait till the end of the trip to RMA the old speakers & base. So on one trip they shipped out 2 different parts of the unit and were able to help me.

I actually ended up just using that base the rest of the trip as it didn't act up that often. I got home, swapped bases and RMA the old one and 2 years later, we haven't had a bit of trouble out of them. At that point in the trip, I wasn't very satisfied with the units and had thought we had made a huge mistake, but it turned out to be two small issues that we worked through.

I'm not sure if they just aren't that willing to work with customers any more or what, but that was some of the best CS I ever had.
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