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I hope some guys are subbed to this thread...

I am currently in the market to buy a bike and am torn between two of them. One of which is the 'tard. A friend of mine dragged me to the Duc dealer and I was looking around and then I saw a bike in the corner of the shop that looked like something out of Mad Max. This black, hellbent, crazy bastard of a bike. It was a 2010 796 that the dealer can't get rid of supposedly. So I sat on it and wow. Talk about perfect feeling.

I originally had some fantasies about making it a little more capable off the pavement, but after some google searching and lookin' around on here and the like it doesn't seem like that is possible? BUT I am still pretty infatuated with the thing.

Have some questions though:
  • Could I at LEAST do some dirt/bumpy/gravely roads on it? everyone sites Pikes Peak, but I do not know all too much about what that road looks like...
  • Would the tard be OK for a two-up trip? I would like to be able to take a certain someone with me sometimes.
  • Are the luggage options decent? Like the tank pannier things?
  • Is their gonan be at least more wind protection than on my old CB550? I went to Philly from Hagerstown MD on it and it was annoying at times but I was not complaining. I loved every minute of that trip.
  • Is the 796 worth it? I am coming from a cb550 so I was thinking I did not want to jump to something so insanely fast. the 796 seemed a good fit for that bill
  • How is the fuel mileage?
  • Is there an alternative to those mirrors...

by the way, the other bike I am eyeing buying is the new tiger XC. Would that suit my 60 mile commute to work, want to leave the road a little, and single/two-up touring dreams better?

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