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Originally Posted by Old Git Ray View Post
I see Nick Sanders has just arrived in The US again....

This is what he has to say about the Yam.. An excerpt from his blog which contains a "Spot Live" locator system.

"The food in the hotel was free and you can eat all that you want. Itís a nice twist of hospitality having travelled so far on a bike that has now clocked up 16 665 miles. What a bike! This Super Tenere seems capable of taking everything I throw at it. I cannot make it meek. The R1 had that naughty streak and whilst not that, this bike is cheeky with itís movements. It handles every range of surface imaginable, and, without any loss of comfort. Surely something should have snapped or come loose by now, but nothing, not a washer. We still have a very long way to go."

Eat your heart out BMW. Trolls: get back under the bridge...

I just popped over to Oilheads in Gspot.

Every other thread relates to some sort of failure.

How I love my Tenere
I've got a blue S10 on order and can't wait. That said, in the interest of throwing the BMW trolls a bone, Sanders was experiencing leaking fork seals... post 21 @;

Considering what the bike and rider have been through already, that is incredible. My '09 800 GS had a whole bunch of warranty issues and recalls by then, and hadn't spent more than 400 miles (at most!) off pavement!

The more I read about the S10, (and I've read every page of this thread, Wasp's thread, and a couple others) the further away August gets!!

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