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Originally Posted by ag_streak View Post
I followed up on my order with Twisted Throttle yesterday on the phone. I ordered the first generation Trax cases. It seems they were out of "rights" (or "lefts) and asked me if I wanted the second-gen "Evo" cases for $10 more, as they were both in stock and ready to ship.

Apparently, they look the same and have the same dimensions, but the hinges and latches have been upgraded, and the logo is stamped into the side instead of a rivited-on plate.

For my trouble, they threw in free shipping, so I saved $46 bucks!

Woo-hoo! Way to go Twisted Throttle! (I love those guys!)
I have the 1.5-1st Gen Trax cases (in the picture) and they leak. The 2nd-1st Gen came with the corners sealed during manufacture and some report they still get some leakage. The latest Evo cases have a single piece lip/seal/channel rather than the multipiece of the 1st gen cases. They 2nd Gen Evo cases also have upgraded lock/latches. I'm in the process of passing my current Trax set to my son for his Wee Strom and I'm going to replace them with a 2nd Gen/Evo set later this summer. You did well with the upgrade!
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