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Originally Posted by InTheSticks View Post
I never do this, but this time I did........
I was at a stoplight in Sacramento in my Subaru Forester (turbo) and a hopped up Camaro pulls up 2 lanes over and a small red tuner car pulls up in the lane between us. The guy in the Camaro is revving his engine and inching ahead, the tuner car is doing the same thing, I know what's going to happen next.....
Light turns green and I nail it, the Camaro gets about 2 car lengths on me, but, I'm ahead of the tuner car before we all slow down.
I'm not sure if the the guy in the tuner car was pissed that he got beat by 2 retirees in a silver station wagon.......but, my wife sure was pissed at me
Heh. The 1st year manual ones with the 4.44 final drive were ridiculously quick. Even the current ones are quicker than a tall wagon has any right to be. Total sleepers.
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