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Well... that was smart.... I was replying, then shut down my browser forgetting to grab my reply text first!

So yeah, I purchased my bike already modified, otherwise I think I'da had the wits to leave that part unchanged.

Good point about the load on the subframe. I expect to delve into emulating your mod. once the battery expires (or the subframe busts!). I'm thinking perhaps to add some tire rubber between the battery case and the frame members, though.

Didn't mean to underestimate your rock riding Sr. Spud. It's just that with all the beautiful pictures of you riding around that I've seen, none have included rocks thus far. This is the kind of stuff we find ourselves hammering through in these parts:

Sometimes you have to speed up to keep your body from being shaken to the point of brain jello!
And sometimes you break your shift shafts off where they exit the case!

PS: Pig was a little reluctant to fire up right off the bat, but she did so before running the battery down (woohoo) and got a good warmup.
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