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Lots of crazy stories in here!

I have a 70-80 mile round trip commute through some pretty crazy and fast traffic. One day heading home through a huge construction zone a lady that was supposed to yield didn't and cut me off. I honked, and swerved and she acted like I surprised her because she never even checked if anything was coming. Whatever, it's South Jersey traffic and people do stupid stuff all the time, I'm used to it. I pull up behind her at the next light and she is constantly checking her rear view mirror like she's nervous I'm going to do something. I smile because I think that's funny, and at the next turnoff I head another direction off the main road and on my merry way. The side road I took a really just a bypass to avoid the crazy traffic through a town and after 4 miles or so and a short trail it puts me back on another side road still parallel to the main road. At least 10 miles after that close call I ease onto the throttle onto this quiet side road and end up right back behind that same lady that cut me off before. I think she almost shit herself. Her eyes looked huge when I came up behind her again and as I went to pass she slowed up at least 15 slower than the speed limit and had this terrified look on her face. If she wasn't nervous about me before she definitely was now.

Too funny. What were the chances? I bet she'll look a little closer before she just pulls out next time.
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