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Traveling southbound on I-77 south of Beckley, WV.

Speed limit is 70mph.

Grade at the I-64 interchange forces big rigs to slow to 55 or less.

Michigan plated SUV (Ford Expedition) towing a trailer is in left lane riding next to a big rig, and matching it's slowing speed - backing up left lane traffic behind it. I-64 west merges into I-77 south and adds a far left lane for a thousand yards, so I pulled into that lane and when parallel to the driver of the SUV, I looked over, he looked at me and I made a repetative jerking motion with my left hand in the vicinity of my crotch.

I then proceeded at the speed limit and distanced him by about a 1/4 mile after moving into the right lane.

He finally passed the big truck and merged into the right lane behind me.

Saw him gaining speed in my mirrors, then he whipped left and passed me at a high rate of speed, cut in front of me and then almost lost control with his trailer swaying all over the place when he had to hit the brakes to make a curve.

He was being pushed by his trailer back and forth across the two lanes for about half a mile before he finally got it slowed back down and steady in one lane.

After he slowed, I passed him again at the speed limit and he disappeared behind me.

Guess he didn't like being called (pantomined) a jerk-off for obliviously obstructing the 'passing' lane, but he obviously scared himself pretty good when he couldn't control his rig on the road in question.
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