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map caching done

I got half of the remote control parts in the mail today. When the other half arrives I will build up a prototype and shoot another video.

The news from this evening is that the map tile caching is complete. The process is to select a dualsportmap (downloaded from the site with a single click) and then ask the software to cache map tiles, then select the tile sets you want (topo and satellite make sense to me but pick what you want). For the Fish Canyon-Box Canyon map it took about 30 seconds to search for and download the map and then cache the tiles for this ride. That was over 2000 tiles that came over the wire. It was faster than I guessed. So fast that my progress indicator was updating way faster than I expected. I actually slowed it down to only inform us every 50 tiles instead of every 20.

I am excited about how this is shaping up. I've already done several test rides now with the with offline rendered maps that don't require any downloading and tiles and they work well, but sometimes you may want a little more information so this feature is most excellent!
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