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I was riding my Strom from my parents to my new home, following my wife and girls in our lifted Expedition. This is on Hwy 40 at night. We come up behind a BMW 325 riding along in the left lane. We start to pass, wife gets by no problem, I start to pass and he speeds up. I slow down to pull in behind, as I am coming up on delivery truck in the rt lane. He slows down. This happens several times, finally my wife sees what is going on and slows down to let me catch up. I start to slow again, down shifting, as soon as the BMW starts to slow I grab about three gears and a handful of throttle, and pas him and the wife. He proceeds to change lanes and follow, however my wife has sped up to get alongside teh truck in teh rt lane. The idiot then acted like he was going to move over into my wifes lane. He held her lane and I guess he figured he would end up on the losing end and gave up. Never tried to repass teh wife once traffic opened and she moved to teh rt lane.
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