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Originally Posted by SuperCruise View Post
Why would a modern bike flood like that? Admittedly, I've had a similar thing happen before when I started the bike successfully but it died when I put it into first because the sidestand was still down (doh). Crank it over and it would not start, but go WOT and crank it and it starts right away. I didn't try this this time because it never started the first time. Again, why would a modern bike flood like that on first start?
Could it have been a combination of fiddling with it over the grips and then haveing not tried the WOT starting thing, it just compounded the issue by pumping more fuel in that was not being burned whilst you were fiddling with the plugs etc.

As I am sure you already know but all FI vehicles pump more fuel into a cold engine than normal so the situation just compounds itself and wet plugs allow the spark to arc along the ceramic instead of across the gap.
In the old days we would just turn the choke and the fuel tap off but that cannot be done with FI systems.

I could of couse be talking rubish but in any case it's good to know the WOT method works.
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