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Pete, you hit the nail on the head with that post for old guys.

I understand what your talking about and have mostly adopted it as my mantra.

I'll add a bit to your thread.

Still enjoy riding with the inmates from time to time and reading about their exploits here on ADV is always something to look forward in the afternoons after work.

Recently picked up a packable break-down .22 and plink at stuff in the backwoods if its way way in the backwoods. Bought a Poleil pocket fisherman a few years ago to carry with me and wet the lure every now and then. Haven't caught a fish with it yet and don't care if I ever do. Think Sinner caught a few with it at SF1 (that Austr-alien bloke that Eloy and Jerry brought with them )

Little things to add to the riding experience.

Through the years, many of my riding partners have shifted their interest away from motorcycles to other things, but for four freakin decades now, it still has a exciting/fresh feel and for that I'm grateful.

Tell us more Pete!
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