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Originally Posted by Rob Dirt View Post
I dont know what Madhouse is talking about. If he rode any faster, then he would break the sound barrier. The last time I rode Cheaha I got a real appreciation for riding slow in the back. It's easy to see the sights & I can pick weird lines that I would never notice at a Madhouse pace. It's also easier to stay rubber side down. The only negatives is dust & mud. After 15 people have chewed up a mud hole it's impossible to find a good line.
Rob,,,,I ride at a comfortable pace for me and it doesn't seem like I'm going that fast. Use to scare the bejebees outa myself often years ago, but thankfully have since slowed down a bunch. Crashing hurts and kills brain cells.
Guess its perspective.
Over the years, I've ridden with so many fella's that were soooooooo much faster and smoother than me,,,,,, it was if I was holding them up.

Always somebody MUCH faster/smoother out there.
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