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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Personal experience! HA!

One, if not THEE 1st time out on my bike I got rear ended, and have the pics to prove it! The asshat then proceeds to the parking lot behind AppleBees where I block him in waiting for the cops, but get this...

They say b/c he was on PRIVATE PROPERTY and didnt witness it, it's a civil problem and they could only document what he said I did to him for a later CIVIL court date...

The guy was on a phone and almost side swiped me when he realized he was at or passing his turn, I laid on the horn b/c I wanted the person he was on the phone to hear, then he jerks the wheel 3x like he's coming and I stand my ground. I get in front and stop and he wedges my wheel under his bumper.

I get off to get pics and stand behind him to block him. I get pics of his plate and he backs into me. I wish to god I'da broke his back glass out b/c I tried so ther cops would see he intentionally backed into me...

He backs up, goes around my bike (thank god, cause I'da killed him) and pulls onto PRIVATE PROPERTY behind Applebees and I call 911 for a hit and run...

Cops do: Nothing!

The "law"? Don't count on them helping you when YOU need it, but you/we can say "illegal" when you watch a crotch rocket pass a truck going 30 then it try to kill the motorcyclist... If it makes you fell any better...
I used to have a lot of respect in cops. And I've told the following story a million times, but I'll tell it a million more.

I lost respect for the majority of cops (I still understand that there are some good ones, and still give them respect) when some asshat in a minivan was coming up on me trying to turn left at a busy intersection with no arrow. I was in my cage, with a baby in the back. Light turned yellow, and he pretty much forced me into the intersection, so I went. Baby just fell asleep, so I was in no hurry. He blew the red and tailgated me all the way to my home, two blocks away. Banged on my windows, threatened to kill me. Apparently I was trying to kill him by "slowing him down as he ran the red." I was nice to him until finally I was all "look motherfucker, if that baby wakes up and hears you screaming, he will start crying...and then I will stab you. Get the fuck over it and go away. Nobody threatens my fucking child." That's of course paraphrased (and embellished a bit, I'll admit.)

It was some overweight middle aged man. As he noticed that I wasn't kidding around, he hopped in his Town and Country and drove off. I got his tag number and called the cops. They went to his house, came back and said "Oh, well he didn't know that you had a baby in your car. He also said that you were laughing at him, so he had a right to follow you. You should have pulled over sooner, he was just teaching you a lesson! You're lucky he didn't hurt you."

I was beyond pissed. Between that light and my house there is nowhere to pull over, other than maybe the restaurant across the street from my house.

That's when I lost respect for the majority of cops. I was a bit more naive then and kept my mouth shut and told the cop to have a nice day. Now I would demand a badge number, and escalate it as far as I could. What that man did was uncalled for. But the cops just don't care. If I would have followed him to his home and banged on his windows, I would have gone to jail.
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