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If the packing were left to that would be another story...we would need way more space. I seem to be spatially challenged so I have been told.
Your not alone in this Leslie although I have to say that I'm somewhat envious of the 'smallness' and 'lightness' of women's clothing LOL. My wife can get 3 pairs of her underwear into the space of a cigarette box whereas mine appear to take up half the available space of the cases. Well not literally you understand, but you get my drift. Any chance of Cheryl hopping onto a plane and getting my stuff packed.......I've been having a real battle with it over the past few hours? The tail bag is full of camera equipment, cables for this that and the other along with other bits and pieces. Oakley sun glasses are nice but boy oh boy, the case for them is almost the size of a house LOL. The rear luggage rack bag is full with tools, chain lube and other bike gear orientated stuff leaving only my side case for clothing, washing gear and shoes etc. With the odd shape of the BMW Vario cases the available volume is not as great as the outward appearance would suggest and even though I have them set at maximum extension I'm still struggling. It's alright for the likes of you and your wide open spaces and roads but believe you me, riding with wide cases on high mountain roads the width of which are often one and a half cars wide with jagged rock formations on one side and a few hundred feet drop off the other side can be somewhat nerve-racking to say the least. Anyway, enough of my chatter.........this is after all your RR thread.
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