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Originally Posted by Tomilg007 View Post
Good Luck Michus! This should be an Epic Adventure...especially in N. Africa. Like Gadget Boy's post above, what's the contingency plan for Libya...maybe turn right at Egypt instead.
Man that's a bit of a sad thing, I really would have loved to go to Libya, from what I have seen and heard there's some stunning places to see and ride.

It's not all lost, our 6 months came to an end in Ethiopia and we left our bikes there. We will go back in Sept/ Oct to continue the trip North wards.
By then maybe who knows, we might be lucky to go into Libya, however seeing how things go there now, I doubt it.
Second option is to go Israel, Jordan route.

Tmotten, Metaljockey is our writer extraordinaire for the group. The English language can be a bit of a problem for some of us.

As things work out he is a dad these days and I am childless so our trips differ a bit. This was the last long-ish trip we did together, Namaqua land, and the three adventurous girls.. We still do loads of short trips together. Maybe when Peanut is bigger and able to teach and learn herself on trips we can do these extended type trips together again.
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