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Originally Posted by Mr. BigWheel View Post

You will always like the NX (unless you wrap it around a tree or the radiator of a truck).

Just don't make the same mistake that the rest of us did. DO NOT SELL IT.


Mr. BigWheel
Well, I wish that I didn't have to sell it in the future, and I'm planning not to do so. As I've already said, for everything, (daily ride, trips, and everithing i could do with dual sport bike) I'm going to use the NX, I'm just repairing it and doing all the manteinance its old owner didn't do to her, just because he didn't even know how to change the oil...
Actually, I've got the address, and phone number of a store that sells used spare parts for bikes, that I've heard that has two NX's like mine, all dissasembled (sorry if I spelt the word in a wrong way) I will call tomorrow, and if all is right, we're going to have some fun with my friend, the wrench, and my little NX in the winter holidays...

And in the future, I'll have a 2 stroke bike for doing all the enduro that mine is not going to do, jeje

Well, I think i have written so much..
Thanks for the space and for everything.

Regards from the most southern country of all America!
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