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Alright, I wasn't sold on the giro before - at least not interested in doing it until I read deerslayer's report But $160 is still a lot to this guy.

It is good to be back and having something to tinker on.

So gas tank;

I've never really witnessed what 26 year old gas turns into.
It's horribly smelly.

Threw in a dozen nuts and a bunch of lacquer thinner, shake, shake, shake, rinse with acetone.
Came out swell. Sorry no pics of the insides, but maybe this will get you excited.

So there still is a downside to this tank. The paint is seriously worn.
I'd like to preserve it as is. Is that at all possible, like throw a bunch of clear on it?
I don't want it to look any different, just not get any worse.

On the goose, I brushed in some primer and then some black. It looked great to me.
So that's plan B if I can't figure out how to time capsule it.

KEV - thanks a ton for locating that schematic. Just printed it out
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