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Originally Posted by jeventures View Post
The best part of my commute is the off-road riding to be had when cutting around heavy traffic,0.001321&z=20

I'm at the point now I feel with gas prices so high I feel I need to do my part...

...And try my best to make every stop light around-a-bout. My goal is to make every coffin driver feel as dumb as they can while they ponder just how bad a round-a-bout is as I ride away.

We bitch and moan about fossil fuel consumption and we stop 60 cars for the sake of one that has to run the yellow to get through... I don't understand it... Nor care for that matter when I'm on my bike.
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Everybody's always talking out the side of their mouths about our "dependency on foreign oil", what about our dependency on cheap china crap? Who exactly again is killing our dollar?
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