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Originally Posted by QUIRKSM View Post
Hey wiseblood that kinda crap pisses ME off to no end also, so in your story I view you as the dick.
+1 ANY behavior that deliberately incites or escalates road rage should not be tolerated and we should all carefully consider what we did wrong if we caused it unintentionally.

Example: Just a few days ago, I gave a short horn blast to someone in a 4x4 full-size truck as he was cutting in front of me on my bike - It was a pretty close squeeze and I thought perhaps he hadn't seen me. He proceeded to give me the finger and then made at least a couple of half-hearted attempts to brake-check me before flooring it and blasting off through a construction zone at 20+ over the speed limit.

I had hoped to make him think "Oh shit! I nearly hit that motorcycle" and maybe be more careful in future. Was he a dick? Absolutely! However, with hindsight, my simple "Hey, watch out!" toot brought out the worst in him, making things more dangerous for me and other road users.

In future, I will be even more likely to just practice my avoidance skills and let the moron go. As Dakez is so fond of saying, "If you get mad while riding, you're doing it wrong!" One of the best pieces of driving advice I have heard in a long while.
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