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Originally Posted by Singletrack_mind View Post
If your bike fires up normally, but then dies as though out of fuel 10 seconds later, try this: Behind the small cover by your right knee is the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail. Un-plug the wires to it & try re-starting the bike. Surprisingly, the bike does not require this sensor to run. In normal operation, the sensor feeds readings to the pump controller and that in turn effects the pump. The controller aims for a predetermined fuel pressure relative to engine load, throttle position, etc.. When the sensor is faulty, it can send readings that cause the controller to shut off the pump. Take the sensor out of the loop, and the pump just runs, generating a fixed pressure. The bike will run a bit rich, but it should get you home. This is a really nice piece of info to tuck away for next time!

OH, and my dealer is officially telling me to use 2oz of Techron every 1000 miles now to help preserve all the parts that have to live with ethanol & it's by products.
Wish I had read this yesterday. On my way into work today I stopped to fill up with gas (Shell 91). Got on the bike and rode to the street. While I was waiting for traffic to clear and about 10 seconds after I started the bike, it died. No warnings on the dash on anything. Just dead. It would crank and crank and crank, but would not fire.

I would have tried your "fix" had I known of it. Instead I called roadside assistance and it's on its way to the dealer. Luckily, I was just a couple blocks from work and the guy dropped me off.

I'll report back when I hear from the dealer what the problem is...

Fwiw, I have been running Techron in my bike every few tanks.
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