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Got the cast off my hand on Friday, and now that the swelling has gone down I can see things better. After new X-rays at the Orthopedic surgeon's office I'm told that it looks OK, and I'll need a couple of more months of healing. The bone is sticking up out of the top of my hand, so I wasn't too happy overall. I've only been seen by the Physician's assistant, I've never met the actual hand doctor, though he has seen my X-rays. It was explained to me that I have about a 40 degree angle from the break, and they normally only operate when they're over 45. Also the bone is short by just under 1/2", and only over a 1/2" do they normally operate to correct it.

I went to see a doctor 'friend' and showed him the hand, and the pictures. He said " They're going fix that, aren't they?" I explained what I was told, and he wasn't too pleased with the diagnosis, telling me that I'll likely lose most of my grip strength, and that the tendons will have a tough time riding over the raised bone, and likely tear over time, and bother me forever. He set me up with a different hand specialist next week to go and get a 2nd opinion. I'm looking forward to hearing the view of someone else.
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