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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
Got the cast off my hand on Friday, and now that the swelling has gone down I can see things better. After new X-rays at the Orthopedic surgeon's office I'm told that it looks OK, and I'll need a couple of more months of healing. The bone is sticking up out of the top of my hand, so I wasn't too happy overall. I've only been seen by the Physician's assistant, I've never met the actual hand doctor, though he has seen my X-rays. It was explained to me that I have about a 40 degree angle from the break, and they normally only operate when they're over 45. Also the bone is short by just under 1/2", and only over a 1/2" do they normally operate to correct it.

I went to see a doctor 'friend' and showed him the hand, and the pictures. He said " They're going fix that, aren't they?" I explained what I was told, and he wasn't too pleased with the diagnosis, telling me that I'll likely lose most of my grip strength, and that the tendons will have a tough time riding over the raised bone, and likely tear over time, and bother me forever. He set me up with a different hand specialist next week to go and get a 2nd opinion. I'm looking forward to hearing the view of someone else.
Shit that doesn't sound good... Get even more opinions, don't risk grip strength, it will came back and bite you... Best wishes and I hope all this ends well.
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