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I forgot to say that that is not the original stator cover ;). The plastic cap that came with it was very warped, and let in all kinds of water and dirt...

I have yet to figure out how to do the airfilter properly...

Originally Posted by yellowbronco View Post

Double check the year of your engine. It appears to have the newer SEM stator with the flywheel on the inside and the stator in the cover. If I'm not mistaken, that should make it a '98 or '99. I don't remember when they went to the hydraulic clutch but your's appears to be cable except for the Rekluse.

I like the newer plastic on the older frame. I had seen it done once before but it was a little ghetto because the guy chrome plated the frame. I was told that it was a lot of work to move mounts and cover up the second air filter hole on the left side.

Looks great!

I just had a thought as far as fuel capacity goes. The original Husabergs throughout the 90's had a small vacuum actuated fuel pump to deliver fuel to the carb when the level of the fuel was lower than the floats. This was necessary because the fuel tank was almost completely on the right side of the bike and the second air filter was on the left. That meant that the fuel tank, in order to get a decent fuel capacity, dropped almost all the way down to the engine case. Well, that fuel pump could be used in a custom setup with low fuel tanks like what the typical Dakar bikes use.

Now to get to work on the fuel tanks...
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