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Time to cool off

After the pitstop for a drink, we hit the Nictaux to New Germany abandoned Rail line. Part way we took a detour and jumped in a river which was really flowing fast due to aforementioned 3 days of heavy rain. Temps were 27.5 C with humidity, so the freezing water helped lower the core temp.

Parking Spot

Fredgreen and Nate

First in was Fredgreen and then Nate jumped in later. The plan is to come back to this river for some fishing soon.

Back on the old rail line we were cruising along when a deer jumped in front of Fredgreen. FG hit the brakes and shortly thereafter I initiated the process to slow down the Big Grey Pig from Warp speed. Unfortunately I did not complete all the checks and got caught up in some large marble like gravel crap and went for the trees by the side of the track before I could get the BGP stopped.

After successfully high siding over the BGP I logged a fraction of a second of flight time followed by a perfect 3 point landing on my ribs, shoulder, and knee. Slightly winded I just lay there while Nate rushed to get his camera out.

That is all I have to say about that. Standing by for the pics from Nate.
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