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After our Ruins we get back on 276 heading for Halls Crossing. Halls Crossing is basicly the marina area and has the ferry that takes you accross Lake Powell and continues you on 276 on the other side of the lake. Bikes are $15 bucks and cars are $25. Also check the ferry schedule. Day we got there (at 2:30pm) the last ferry was at 3pm.

waitng for departure

coming into Bullfrog our continuation of hwy 276, i made a huge mistake. We went outside the toll booths and i turned around to come back into Bullfrog to topoff on gas before turning off onto Burr Trail. Damn ranger charged me another $7 to come back into Bullfrog when he watched me go out and turn around right in front of his toll booth That turned out to be an expensive gas stop so learn from my mistake... get gas in Bullfrog before you continue.

shortly outside of bullfrog on 276 we turn for Burr Trail

Burr Trails starts as a paved road, becareful as there is a wash you have drop into for a breif moment while at the begining of the road. the pavment drops 10 feet into sand and brings you up to pavment all within 40 feet. this is where i got the 2nd flat of the trip, to me it looks like there use to be a bridge but the water washed it away years ago and the just paved down the wash and concreted the bottom. i hit it at speed and the tube suffred a pinch flat.

Ok maybe its not that bad but I did bottom the suspension out in the bottom of the wash, I was doing a good 35-40 mph because there was sand in the bottom and I wanted to cruise on thru. it was 1000 feet after this i got the second flat.

Burr trail has to be one of the most scenic roads i have ever been on. i think its a total of 65 miles and drops you into boulder. beginging and end are paved with the middle being easily travled dirt with the infamous burr trail switchbacks (in captial reef state park) in the middle taking you to the mesa top. awsome stuff

on Burr Trail and inside edge of Capitol Reef state park

Burr Trail Switch backs

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