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Originally Posted by madisonreid View Post
Service tech is having difficulty with Safari tank secondary pump to move fuel to primary. It worked on original install and does not allow for bike to turn over. Any thoughts ?
First, is it correct that the bike runs perfectly when there is enough fuel in the gas tank that the primary pump picks up the fuel directly and doesn't rely on the secondary pump?

The secondary pump works off of vacuum so will only move fuel if there is adequate vacuum. Check all vacuum lines. Not only the vacuum line from the secondary air pump, but all other vacuum lines or capped off nipples to ensure no vacuum leaks. The secondary air-driven pump themselves don't have much that can go wrong with them and are very reliable. A vacuum issue is the likely culprit.

Also, to test, stand the bike upright and put a splash of gas in the gas tank directly on the fuel pump (read: in the primary fuel pump dish) so the primary fuel pump has plenty of gas to pressurize the injector. Start the bike and, with it running, look down into the tank through the filler hole to determine of the secondary fuel pump is pushing fuel into the dish of the primary fuel pump.
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