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so i've replaced the carb (ch150 ebay made in china, I dont' see anywhere for the pcv valve tube to go so i just capped off), cvt belt, final drive gear oil, cvt clutch shoes, roller weights, exhaust gasket, rubber tube connecting engine and carb. I am still having intermittent power issues...

the engine had a bunch of oil/gunk so i decided to use to some engine degreaser so that my hands wouldn't get so damn dirty every time i worked on it. anyhow, here is the thing... after washing down the engine and putting the panels back on i took it for a spin and bam, it was running great most of the time. assuming it was because the moisture was gone from the engine? As an experiment, I took off the center cover and sprayed water onto the carb/engine area this morning tried to start it up again. bam!, full power!? went for a ride this evening and low power again? This is SO weird!!!

Any suggestions? Could this be something electrical or vaccum related? maybe the moisture is sealing off a leak or facilitating a bad electrical connection? I know that the CDI was replaced a few years back when we did a "make run" after it was sitting for a while... I checked the vaccum lines going to the carb, and did my best to check that they were on as tight as possible. there are the original metal clips on there to hold them in place. I bought some hose clamps but they are a bit too large, going to try and find some smaller ones.

anyhow, when its running poorly it tops out at around 40-45mph at full throttle. when running "well", I could probably make it to 60-65 and it sounds much more "throaty". lol


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