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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
If I were the satellite operators, I think I would follow the strategy of the mobile telephone operators and discount the radios in hopes of getting a lot of customers paying monthly fees. It seems these guys want to make their money selling radios and not the service.
I would think their target audience would be more interested in long term savings, than being able to by the cool toy AND pay rent. If I had the need and the means, I'd gladly pay the larger 1time for the smaller recurring. Otherwise, you have phone plans, that cost 100$ a month for what ultimately costs 20$ a month or less in overhead.

If they really wanted to break into the market, vendors make it more accessible to the masses, but that will ultimately drive pricing down and let everyone have a sat phone. I don't see the market asking for that just yet.

Just using round numbers, and IMO and all that.
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