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Originally Posted by SQD8R View Post
A lot of enthusiasm, I hope it bears fruit.

It's odd to be announcing a new bike nearly 2 months after the peak spring and summer sales period. My local dealership has no idea when it is due in so given the short riding season here, if it isn't out by next week (beginning of July) it may as well wait until next season because very few will be buying a bike come July. While Canada certainly isn't Suzuki's largest market if you couple it with the northern USA you're looking at a large market where the season is 50% over. The lower USA, it's irrelevant in comparison when the bike is released.

snip... Kawasaki didn't have to do much to make the KLR modern and competitive again, I don't think Suzuki needs to make much of a leap either.
Didn't know that the KLR was made modern and competitive

Don't know why people would buy something when the price is up, instead of buying when the price is low, as in late fall...

Concerning the timing of this campaign, perhaps it was something concocted overnight, hence the odd timing, or maybe not given the small market in Canada- they couldn't care less.

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