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Originally Posted by Ko View Post
Didn't know that the KLR was made modern and competitive

Don't know why people would buy something when the price is up, instead of buying when the price is low, as in late fall...

Concerning the timing of this campaign, perhaps it was something concocted overnight, hence the odd timing, or maybe not given the small market in Canada- they couldn't care less.

Can it run with a KTM or Husaberg no but by the definition of success that manufacturers adhere to the KLR is still a top selling enduro. How much did that face lift cost Kawasaki to modernize it and breath fresh air into the model? Love it or hate it the KLR has a bigger following than the Vstrom and a much more storied RTW record to boot. The new model, with attention to minor foibles in the old models 19 plus yr. run saw the bike gain renewed interest. Yeah that's modernizing it and making it competitive in my book. Yeah it is lacking in FI, top quality suspension etc. and yet my local dealership still has it as a top seller. Ask any dealership if they would ever have a problem taking a KLR in on trade; they know they will be able to move it eventually.

I doubt they could concoct it overnight. Even a parts bin special requires a budget and planning and the bean counters will still take into consideration the market. It's not just the Canadian market, it's beyond the peak sales season for most markets.
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