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An epic ride it was. Topping the 'price of admission' , storm clouds gathered, thunder booming off the mountains. Are we deterred? No way.
Lunch in the rain.

It will pass. Potato chips remind us what dry is like. n16ht5 rides hi XRL like he's shot from a cannon. Best to not let off the juice on a 300+lb cycle. Beep beep! Salute!
The rain slacked off and we headed deeper into the backcountry, ascending the third cirque to 4200'. We pause to let Shutter Monkey's GasGas stop boiling and spewing coolant.....Spaniards.

They told him 'you can't do THAT on an XR650L'. Did he listen?

The alpine in bloom

We hauled some antlers back out with us. Shutter Monkey scores a rack.

On the home stretch. Heading for BBQ ribs and chicken. Mrs Piston is legendary for feeding the sweaty bruised and muddy adventurers. Credit to Bubba for the ribs.

Dude...You went THERE on THAT!?! Nice run.
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