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So I had to stop by the big plasma LCD box house yesterday....

It was soooo painfully obvious they don't want to sell plasma it was almost painful! ALL the plasmas I looked at, save for those that do not have a LCD equivalent, were set up so wrong, theyt looked like crap compared to even cheaper LCD's.

I sell commercial plasmas, and commercial CLASS LCD so know what the margin is on both, the margin on plasma being about 1/3rd what it is on LCD. So I know what they are doing. PLUS they don't have to answer all the OLD ASS plasma problem questions everyone seems to remember from five years ago that have all now been addressed. AND they don't have to sell a competitive technology against one they make more money on.

I asked the sales man for the remote for the Panasonic TC-P50ST30 so I could set it up right and he looked at me funny then got it. I set it up nice, and the guy with the other sales man walked away form the 55in LED TV he was looking at to look at this plasma...he saw the picture was far superior and started asking about the plasma....the sales guy that was trying to sell him on the 55in LED was pissed since the 55 was about 500 more than the 50in plasma....and the margin thing....

Well, I actually saw the sales guy who got me the remote reset it to their set up whilst I was up at the counter paying for a product! He intentionally set it up to look like shit!!!! And I saw him do it! After paying for my box I went and asked him about it, he said Store policy man. I walked out shaking my head hoping for a better day.
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