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Some dudes opinion.

Originally Posted by karna View Post
1. Fueling under 3k ? is it better or worse then SuperDuke?
2. Can you smooth the power delivery on the stock exhaust ? with PCV? or Autotune?
3. Would it be possible to use the Motoholigan box on a stock exhaust ?
4. Whats the Fuel range stock exhaust vs Akras?
5. Any Known issues ? or deal Breakers
6. Any high Mile guys out there ? is that a problem on SMR ?
1. The SMR has no fueling issues that I'm aware of.
2. Your saying the power delivery is not smooth on a stock SMR? That is subjective, but I respect your opinion. Those two devices would only be used if you needed to load a custom map, the only reason you might need a custom map is if you modify the bike (i.e. Air Intake, Exhaust; back pressure), you adjust fuel delivery for those mods accordingly, which would require Dyno time along with a knowledgeable tuner to create the map and load it. The stock bike will allow an alternate map to be loaded "the Akra Map" which basically increases fuel supply across the range. Any KTM dealer can load this map on your bike. This map was created for the most common mod... Akra pipes.
3. Best check with Aaron (the maker of the box), thats a huge adjustment in your fuel/air delivery with no compensation in exhaust flow. His contact info is in my How-To site (on page 1 of this thread) if you don't already have it.
4. I don't believe your fuel range is gonna change with any exhaust, stock or after market, until you change your mapping. Ball Park is gonna be 150 to a tank, give-or-take.
5. Other than the bike being over-priced, nothing I can think of. (again subjective)
6. I've put in 7 hr days on mine, no biggie. The SMT seat bolts right on for 200 beans, much more comfy so I've heard.
Disclaimer: I'm no expert, this is just my 2 cents based on my experiences thus far with the bike.
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