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Please excuse my lack of "R"ness. I suspect non "R"s weren't exported to the US, as I only see mention of these and "T"s...

Anyway, mine's alot closer to your lot than one of those ugly barges, so I'm going to gatecrash this party.

I would like to ask though, about this Akra map- is it likely to be necessary with Wings? They say no re-mapping is required, but, well, you know.

Curious about an apparent contradiction in your response there, Soupy. You say the map increases fuel supply, but then say it doesn't affect range. Due to less throttle being necessary? Or so small as to not make any difference?

Also, as I can recall, the R seat looks like mine (v flat to rear), and I am finding this one one of the more comfy KTM seats so far- having had 2x 950As (03 original plank and 04 slightly flattened) that were EVIL, a 950SMR that I never spent enough time in, and a 640E standard perch that ends up killer (also have comfort one, that's best of lot, but not on at mo).

Other things about the non "R", that may be the same, are that so far I find it a bit flighty/twitchy at the front, maybe a damper would help. I have crap traction at rear (perhaps susp set up and/or new tyres)- some scary moments. And the engine isn't "grunty" like the carbies were; need to run up through the range quick, which means changing gears gets in the way.

Compared to my old 950 SMR, it's nowhere near as intuative or playful. Feels much bigger. And it's not the power that unnerves me. Trading that for a Tuono is still my biggest biking mistake.

So far, still riding much slicker and nippier on the 640E!
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