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Allow me to clarify

Originally Posted by mrjemm View Post
I would like to ask though, about this Akra map- is it likely to be necessary with Wings? They say no re-mapping is required, but, well, you know.

Curious about an apparent contradiction in your response there, Soupy. You say the map increases fuel supply, but then say it doesn't affect range. Due to less throttle being necessary? Or so small as to not make any difference?
Howdy Mate, welcome to the party.
Regarding Wings exhaust, the owner of that company told me that if I used the smallest set of DB Killers (quietest) I would NOT have to re-map. If I used the louder (larger DB Killers) I should load the Akra map. When you buy a set of Wings they come with 2 sets of DB Killers. Nuf said.

If you re-read, you will see I said changing the exhaust will not effect the range of a tank of gas. (Which was the question) The exhaust has no effect on the amount of fuel delivered. Changing the map will. The Akra map does compensate for a free flowing exhaust by adding fuel across the board, and yes, that will effect mileage. How much I'm not sure. My guess is its not a lot.
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