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Originally Posted by karna View Post
Thanks for the input.... Its really insightful... I can't wait to get my damn bike this week. 150 per tank... is that Miles ?
Yes thats miles. Don't get too excited, 150 would be every drop of a completely full tank, just casual commuting. I might have been a little generous with that # in hindsight. 130 might be more realistic. It's odd because of the way the bike handles reserve. The odo starts counting up from zero, one day I got to the pump with 32 miles on reserve. I thought great thats my magic number. Then a few months later I ran out of gas on the way to work at 24! Reserve seems to come on around the 105 to 110 area, and after my incident I don't trust it much more than 15 miles, so I'm in the habit of getting 125 to 130 between fuel stops. FYI my bike is on the stock fuel map.
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