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Always good to win free beer!

Final race of the local speedway series was last night. My teammate was second in the points series and our team was holding solid as first in overall points. I was there only to work for team points and keep points away from the guy in first place.

Before the race even started, I could not get my power meter to work. No speed, HR, power... nothing. So, I scrapped it pulled off the HR strap and planned to race on perceived exertion only.

As the whistle blew, we were off and I was on point. Going strictly by feel, rather than numbers had me going harder than I should have and I had opened up a small gap that no one was interested in bridging to, so I backed off a bit and that's when it happened...

The points leader attacked and another strong rider went with him, I "just" caught what was happening when my teammate hollered break right, so I spun up and the four of us were soon hammering away from the main pack. We must have been hitting those pedals hard 'cuz no one decided to jump with us, or attempt a bridge. We stayed away and worked together. As the points leader knew there was no way we were letting him get away, we just settled in and hammered.

Within about 10 minutes we had gained 3/4 of a lap on the field and were closing fast! Another 2 laps and we had lapped the field to settle in for the top 4 places. There were a few guys that attacked each other for 5th, but we had decimated the field. As the whistle blew signaling the final lap, I watched and waited for the guinea pig to jump. All four of us got on front again and sprinted to the finish line. I was able to secure a solid third place in the race, fourth overall in the series and our team won 2 cases of beer for the team points! What a great way to end that series.

We had most of the team there for the beer shot.

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