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Originally Posted by rapidoxidationman View Post
Hey Sniper X,
What's the "proper" way to set up a plasma TV? I've got a 52" Samsung (seemed very comparable to the Pioneer) that I'm sure needs some tweaking to make a predominantly dark picture more better. I've read about DVD's being available to properly calibrate the set, but what's your take on it? Do what "looks" right? I'm limited in my knowledge of what all the adjustments can do...
There is a lot of personal preference in it. I tend to set up my home units with lower brightenss because I hate the washy look of a standard set up. But there are a lot of things to set up in the menu so best thing to do is look thru the standard set ups and find the best one suited to your likeness and tweak on it a little.

Buying a cd or set up equipment is really overkill because all content is not to a standard, so you would be tweaking all the time anyway.
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