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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
Just buy the adventure version

How many combinations do you expect them to make??
Answer: 1 version. WITH Leatt compatibility.

The big void in the market right now is a jacket that offers on and off road protection, is waterproof from the outside in and not the other way around, but is still simple enough that it remains financially in the realm of spousal acceptance.

The Adventure jacket fulfills the first two but not the third criteria. On top of that, for people like myself at least, the internal webbing as well as the bulk of the cargo pockets are features I don't need or want and as such I don't want to pay for them. I also suspect that especially the harness is disproportionately expensive (re: labor intensive) to manufacture and Klim is probably happy to strike this feature from an accounting point of view.

The first criteria, again for me at least, means something that will protect me from road rash (which the vast majortiy of off road dedicated gear won't by virtue of their lack of the appropriate abrasion resistant materials) on the way to the trail as well as the knocks I might receive on the trail and then back again.

And considering the numbers of people I saw wearing neck braces at the rally I was at yesterday (BIG thanks to the organizers!!! ), I think that building the neck brace feature in would significantly widen the jackets appeal. In anycase, I think that adding the feature, even if it added no more than say $50 to the final price, would win more potential buyers that adding it would turn potential buyers off.
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