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Originally Posted by Mellow802 View Post
Great thread. Lots of solid advice. I always rode dirtbikes and I'm comfortable on the trail but road riding sketches me out sometimes people are just way too unpredictable.
It just takes time to get used to it. I love riding around the city and exploring neighborhoods.

It can often seem like people are unpredictable. I would say however that it is very predictable that some people will do something unpredictable. Expect the unexpected. Learn to find those people while you're riding and keep them in your personal radar.

When I'm riding down the street my #1 thing is that I'm enjoying the ride. Riding a motorcycle is fun first and foremost. But I always have my little personal radar going: The guy is front of me is talking on the cell phone, the teenager is looking at her latest text message, the person behind me seems to be in a rush and is tail gating.

Try hard to not let yourself be surprised. Recognize the warning signs and make an intervention. Make sure that things you do to ride the bike: starting, braking, accelerating, etc. are completely automatic. That way you have your full attention to devote to what's going on around you and enjoying that ride down the boulevard.

I'm not one to post and complain about crazy cagers and stupid drivers. As soon as I start doing that I'll back out of the driveway one morning into the path of my neighbor on his Goldwing. I've certainly pulled a bone-headed move or two.
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